The International Conference on Fisheries and Marine (ICFM) is an annual academic forum organized by the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Khairun University. This conference serves as a significant platform for discussing the latest developments in the fields of fisheries and marine science. Notably, one distinguishing feature of the ICFM is the presence of keynote speakers who are experts and authorities in their respective domains. With the inclusion of these keynote speakers, the conference becomes an ideal forum for participants to gain profound insights from them and share the most current knowledge and perspectives on key issues in the fields of fisheries and marine science.

Each year, the ICFM adopts a different theme, thereby altering the focus and bringing participants closer to current pressing issues. Attendees at the conference come from various countries, creating a diverse and inclusive environment where ideas and research from around the world can collaborate. Throughout its three prior editions, the scientific contributions presented at ICFM have consistently received due recognition. All accepted articles and manuscripts are always guaranteed publication in the IOP Conference Series of Earth and Environmental Sciences, a publication indexed in SCOPUS. This provides researchers with the opportunity to share their findings with a broader audience and gain international recognition for their scientific contributions. ICFM serves as an intellectual forum that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and collaboration among stakeholders in the fields of fisheries and marine science and continues to play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the academic world and industry practices in these sectors.

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Steering Committee :

Dr. M. Janib Achmad, S.Pi, M.Si
Dr. Riyadi Subur, S.Pi, M.Si
Nursanti Abdullah, S.Pi., M.Si
Irwan Abdul Kadir,S.Pi,M.Si
Halikuddin Umasangadji,S.Pi.,M.Si,Ph.D
Fatma Muchdar,S.Pi.,M.Si
Adi Noman Susanto,S.Pi.,M.Si
Ir. Zulhan Arifin Harahap, MA

Organizing Committee

Chairman : Dr. Najamuddin, S.Pi., M.Si
Secretary : Supyan, S.Pi., M.Si
Treasurer : Dewi,S.Mn.,M.Ak
Vice Treasurer : Karmila Salim, SE

1. Broadcast, Documentation and Information:
Ardan Saman,S.Pi.,M.Si
Ahmad Ahadi, SE
Andi Cendra Mega
Marjan Hamir, S.Pi

2. Event:
Nebuchadnezzar Akbar, S.Pi., M.Si
Susanti Ibrahim,S.Pd
Rusmawaty Labenua,S.Pi.,M.Si

3. Equipment :
Rustam Effendi Paembonan, S.Kel., M.Si
Uttumin Limatahu, S.Pi
Mahdi Amahing, SE
Ocan Wamnebo
Ahmad Khoda

Suria Latif, SE
Rita Desmery Hasibuan,SH, MH
Susanti Ibrahim, S.Pd
Nurain Sardi, SE

Abstract Reviewer

Dr. Najamuddin, S.Pi., M.Si
Dr. Gamal Mustik Samadan, S.Pi., M.Si
Prof. Soottawat Benjakul
Ir. Zulhan Arifin Harahap, MA

Publication of Conference Results

All accepted articles/manuscripts will be published
inĀ IOPĀ Conference Series of Earth and Environmental Sciences
(a SCOPUS Indexed Publication)